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Moluccan, Moluccan island, Maluku, Kei Ketjil
Moluccan, Moluccan island, Maluku, Kei Ketjil

Kei Ketjil Poster

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Kei Ketjil Poster

With the ocean as a canvas and the island as an artwork we tried to capture the beauty and shape of the island in a minimalistic black and white print without roads, streets and other distractions.

The Kei Islands are a group of islands located in the southeastern part of the Moluccan. Kei Besar is one the biggest. "Besar" means big and "Ketjil" means small.

In the 16th century the Moluccan Islands were a colony of Portugal and later on of the Netherlands. The influences of these countries are nowadays still visible. Portuguese words in the Moluccan language (Malay) and there are still Dutch VOC forts on the Moluccan Islands.


  • Black digital print
  • 200gr Bio Top, natural white paper
  • 300mm x 400mm
  • Frame not included