Astaganaga, Moluccan Islands, print, poster

Astaganaga print

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Astaganaga calligraffiti print

Astaganaga is an expression wich means something like "Oh my God". Astagana comes from the Arabic word: Astaghafirullah. The print is also an ode to the music band Massada and their album Astaganaga. The music and the colorful album cover inspired us a lot. Together with calligraffiti artist Team Blazin we created a new "Limited Edition" print. 

All 25 prints are signed and numbered by Team Blazin and MI.
Calligraffiti by Team Blazin.

  • Limited edition of 25 prints
  • Signed and numbered 
  • Printed on 200gr Bio Top paper
  • 300mm x 400mm
  • Reliëf stamp
  • Frame not included
    Astaganaga, Moluccan Islands, print, poster