Siwa Lima Pack


In the beginning the Moluccan people (Alifuru) lived as one tribe on the mountain called Nunusaku on the island of Ceram. Also known as Nusa Ina what means “Mother Island". The tribe was growing and growing and they started looking for new environments. So the tribe splitted up in two tribes called the Pata Siwa and the Pata Lima. The Pata Siwa moved to the west and the Pata Lima moved to the east.

The clothing and dance are inspired by the Alifuru people with their ritual dances called the Tjakalele. The Alifuru people were warriors and headhunters. The Tjakalele dance is a warrior dance to intimidate. Before they go out to hunt they do their ritual dance.

Dancer: Geronimo Tehupuring (V for Vendetta)
Choreo: Geronimo Tehupuring
Creative Video Director: Chester VE
DoP: Layo Sno
Camera Assist: Remco Sijtzema
Art Director: Mr. Nature

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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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